Surgery & allied

Section of General Surgery deals with general ailments that require surgical interventions. Qualified and experienced Consultant Surgeons conduct out-patient clinics. After understanding the problem, if required, necessary tests are advised. Once a diagnosis is confirmed or provisionally made, the Consultant may advise conservative treatment on out-patient basis or will advise a surgery. In case of surgery, necessary advice about preparations and a date for hospitalisation will be given.  Allied disciplines follow the same approach. These include, urology, breast, paediatric, plastic, orthopaedic, cancer, eye, and ENT surgeries.

Surgeons on Panel:
Prof. Dr Anis Hussain, FCPS, FRCS (General Surgeon & Urologist)
Dr. Zahid Hussain Memon, MRCS, FCPS (General Surgeon)
Dr. Farzana Memon, FCPS (General & Breast Surgeon)
Dr. Gulfam Khan, FCPS (Paediatric Surgeon)
Dr. Raheel Ahmed, FCPS (General Surgeon)
Dr. Asim Zaheer Durrani (Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. Raza Hasnain Sayyed, FRCS (Oncological Surgeon)
Dr. Mohammad Noman Parekh, FCPS
Dr. Murtaza Ansari , DLO, FCPS
Dr. Narain Das, FCPS
Dr. Tahir Aziz Shaikh, MCPS