Surgery & allied

Section of General Surgery deals with general ailments that require surgical interventions. Qualified and experienced Consultant Surgeons conduct out-patient clinics. After understanding the problem, if required, necessary tests are advised. Once a diagnosis is confirmed or provisionally made, the Consultant may advise conservative treatment on out-patient basis or will advise a surgery. In case of surgery, necessary advice about preparations and a date for hospitalisation will be given.  Allied disciplines follow the same approach. These include, urology, breast, paediatric, orthopaedic, cancer, eye, and ENT surgeries.

Surgeons on Panel:
Prof. Dr Anis Hussain, FCPS, FRCS (General Surgeon & Urologist)
Dr. Zahid Hussain Memon, MRCS, FCPS (General Surgeon)
Dr. Farzana Memon, FCPS (General & Breast Surgeon)
Dr. Gulfam Khan, FCPS (Paediatric Surgeon)
Dr. Raheel Ahmed, FCPS (General Surgeon)
Dr. Raza Hasnain Sayyed, FRCS (Oncological Surgeon)
Dr. Mohammad Noman Parekh, FCPS
Dr. Murtaza Ansari , DLO, FCPS
Dr. Narain Das, FCPS
Dr. Tahir Aziz Shaikh, MCPS