Oncology (Cancer)

Cancer is the second commonest cause of death in the world. Oncology deals with cancer of different parts of body. Patients are examined in out-patient clinics. Once cancer is confirmed, usually on biopsy, investigations are performed to stage i.e. to know the extent of disease within body. Patients and close family members are counselled about the diagnosis and its management. Thereafter, treatment is planned.

Cancer treatment is investigational and is updated regularly on the basis of latest research in the world. Cancer is usually managed through multimodality means i.e. combination of modes like surgery, radiotherapy, systemic therapy (chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, others). At ZPMH, facilities are available for surgery as well as systemic therapy. For radiotherapy, patients are referred to other centre of excellence having this facility. Once treatment is completed, patients are followed up closely for any sign of relapse so that treatment can be started in time. Patients are given access to consultation at any time to relieve their apprehensions and/or symptoms. Patients are not charged for consultation.

Oncologist on Panel:
Dr Imtiaz Bashir, MBBS,  MSc (London), Dipl. Clin. Oncology (London), PhD (Med. Oncology; London)