Gynaecology department deals with diseases related to reproductive system of women. These include problems related to menstural cycle, fertility, infections, benign tumours, cancers, breast problems including cancer. To encourage women to consult doctors, free gynaecology clinics are conducted by experienced consultant gynaecologists. Problems are investigated and treatment suggested. ZPMH has facilities to carry out all types of surgeries including laparoscopic ones.

Gynae Clinic (Free):
In this clinic all sorts of gynaecology related problems are managed. If necessary, patients are admitted for more extensive treatment. The most common female ailments are irregular pattern of menustral cycle, unusually heavy or light menustration, ovarian cysts, urinary tract infection, fistula, incontinence, fissures, constipation, breast pain, breast tumours, cancers, and others. Timely diagnosis of these conditions can ensure successful treatment. Senior consultants conduct this clinic on a totally free basis so that early diagnosis is facilitated and women are not denied crucial consultation due to financial constraints.

Fertility Clinic:
Fertility clinics are conducted by senior gynaecologists. This facility is offered free of charge to childless couples who after prescribed treatment often succeed in starting their family. Success rate of conceiving after the treatment is 75% in 6-months and 85% after one year. Sadly 15 % of patients fail to respond to this therapy. Women under the age of 35 start receiving treatment within one year of registering at this clinic while women over the age of 35 are treated after thorough consultation with the specialists as chances of complicated pregnancy increase with age.

Family Planning Clinic:
To ensure the physical, social and economic health and well- being of a family it is essential to follow the principles of family planning. Here, couples are advised on various modes of family planning and are given detailed counselling on birth interspacing through the use of birth control pills, condoms, ring insertion and jabs. Tubal-ligation and vasectomy services are also available.