Coronavirus Covid-19

Covid-19 is a coronavirus which has caused havoc all over the world. Scientist, doctors, and governments are struggling to control its spread and find a treatment. Significant improvement in controlling this disease has been achieved.

After contracting this viral infection, symptoms appear in 3 to 10 days. It may present as fever, changes in taste & smell, cough, breathlessness, or in any combination. If a patient has a history of recent contact with someone who suffered this disease, he/she is considered to have Covid-19 infection. Confirmatory test is RT-PCR which detects presence of virus in nasal or throat swabs. The disease is highly contagious. By now we have learnt a lot about this disease and how to control it. An important fact discovered is that the immune (defence) system of body overreacts towards this infection and in the process causes damage to organs like lungs, heart, and kidneys. Timely intervention can prevent such reactions and save lives. A number of vaccines have been developed on fast track basis with promising results. Vaccines are being administered to population in many countries in a priority of vulnerability. In Pakistan vaccination has been started too.

Prevention is the best way to avoid it. This can be achieved by:
1) Using face masks
2) Keeping a distance of 2-yards (6 feet) from each other
3) Frequent hand washing with soap for 20- 30 seconds
4) Avoiding social contacts like hand-shaking and embracing

If anyone develops symptoms, he should isolate himself at home for 10 days. In most of the cases, the disease is self limiting. Mild symptoms can be managed with simple medicines. In case of severe symptoms, contact your doctor. Contacts of the patients should immediately quarantine themselves for 10 days without a need of testing. Test only if any symptom develops.