General Policies

Zainab Panjwani Memorial Hospital (ZPMH) is a not for profit organisation serving under the umbrella of Panjwani Foundation since 1994. At ZPMH, the charges are kept as minimal as possible. We do not solicit donation or zakat money. Revenue generating private rooms are 10% of the total capacity. The quality of medical care is same irrespective of type of admission.

General Physicians or Casualty Medical Officers are experienced doctors who are available at all times and their charges are nominal.

Emergency service is provided round the clock through Emergency Room.

Consultants & Specialists conduct their out-patient clinics on designated days. In case of an emergency they may be called anytime depending upon the situation.

Diagnostic Services: Laboratory and Radiology services are available round the clock.

Admission: Patients are admitted only if necessary and on advice of a Consultant. It is subject to availability of bed as well.

Changing category of bed: Hospital charges are based on the type of admission.  General ward charges are subsidised while private or AC-room cost more. If a patient is admitted in general ward and after undergoing surgery, delivery, or any procedure, wants to be upgraded to a private or AC-room, all charges will be billed according to new category of bed.

Visiting hours: Daily: 6pm to 8pm. On Sunday & public holiday: also 11am to 1pm. Children are allowed to visit on Sunday morning only.

Zero-tolerance against hooliganism: We take roudy or violant behaviour towards our staff by patient’s attendents seriously. ZPMH reserves the right to refuse treatment to their patients and/or to report to the authorities.

Bakhsheesh: No staff member is allowed to ask for bakhsheesh. Anyone pestering for it should immediately be reported to the Administrator or CMO. Alternatively, report in writing giving name, telephone number, bed number, and date & time.

Payments: Cash payments are preferred; however, it can be made using bank cards. After making payments, patients are advised to collect receipts. At the time of admission, a deposit has to be made which is adjusted in the final bill. Interim deposits may be asked based on status of patients and the services being rendered.

Billing: Billing office is open from 10am to 4pm during week days. At other times and on holidays, billing may be done by the Front-desk Officer on duty. However, final billing may be deferred until next working day if enough deposit is avavilable.

Refund: Any refund must be collected within one month of discharge of a patient.

Drugs and disposables: All patients have to purchase medicines and disposables directly from a pharmacy. For their convenience, an in-house pharmacy is operational round the clock.

Meals and drinks: An in-house canteen is operational between 6am to 11pm daily.