Pathology Laboratory

ZPMH has an in-house pathological laboratory. It is equipped with all necessary tools to conduct routine and special tests. Certain highly specialised tests are conducted in Diagnostic Laboratory of the Dr Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine & Drug Research, a sister organisation of ZPMH located at International Centre for Biological & Chemical Sciences, University of Karachi.

Consultant on Panel:  Prof. Dr Asif Burghri, MBBS, MPhil


X-ray unit is equipped with all routine radiological investigations. Expert radiographers carried out tests which are reported by a qualified Radiologist. X-ray unit is opened round the clock. Unit also has facilities of mobile x-rays as well as image-intensifiers. Computed tomography (CT) and megnetic resonanace imaging (MRI) are arranged from the next door facilities of a third party.

Consultant on Panel:   Dr Mukhtiar Ahmed, MBBS, MCPS




Adult, paediatric, and foetal echocardiography services are available. These tests are carried out by qualified and experienced echo-technologists under supervision of and directly by consultant cardiologists. These tests are performed at subsidised rates.

Consultant Cardiologists on Panel:  Ms. Nida Imran, MBBS, Dipl. Cardiology

Echo-technologist:   Ms. Moona Mushtaq


Diagnostic endoscopy services are provided under care of surgical department. Qualified and experienced gastroenterologists carry out this service. Depending upon the findings, therapeutic endoscopy can also be performed.

Consultant on Panel:

Dr. Anis Jaffery, FCPS FRCS
Dr. Zahid Memon, FCPS